Take Hip-hop, Radio, Television Legend Doctor Dre of Yo MTV Raps, Hot 97 … & pair him with Advocate T.Reid AKA The Super Hero Sensei… and you get 2BlindMics.

The title of this podcast is a measure of the host’s light-hearted attitude towards their disability. Yes, Dre and T. are blind, but “2BlindMics” does not confine itself to that subject. The show features interviews with celebrity guests from the worlds of politics, sports, and show business, as well as movie reviews, cooking demos, and whatever else engages its hosts.

2BlindMics makes use of Doctor Dre’s vast knowledge of music, movies, television and pop culture as well as Reid’s interest in finding new creative and entertaining ways to edit and tell stories challenging the listener’s perception of what it really means to be blind.

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