In Salute of Video Music Box with Ralph McDaniels

In the early 1980’s before there was Yo MTV Raps, BET’s Rap City those in the New York  City tri-state area remember getting home after school to watch Video Music Box. 

We speak with founder & host Ralph McDaniels. He along with his partner Lionel  “Vid Kid” Martin went from presenting videos to creating them.

Hear how the show got started

The relationship between Rap videos & Sesame Street

How Video Music Box almost made it to MTV before Yo

** If you’re in the NYC area, don’t miss the 35th Anniversary Celebration of Video Music Box taking place in Queens. For more information on this and the show follow

 Salute to Ralph McDaniels, Lionel “Vid Kid” Martin & Video Music Box in celebration of their 35th Anniversary. #ForTheCulture #Hip-hop don’t stop!

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August 8, 2018

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